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Chroma Research Labs is assisting Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical and Cosmetic companies and chemists in developing and validating chromatographic test procedures and conducting lab testing. It also assists in ANDA submissions, Process validation and Cleaning Validation.




Based onClient's request, Chroma will set up a meeting  and discuss the needs and requirements that Chroma needs to fulfill on the client's behalf.  The client may conduct an audit of the facility before or after this initial meeting. Pricing and a time frame for completion of the project will be discussed and agreed during the meeting.



Once the project details are delivered by the client, Chroma will write the protocol and send to the client for approval. Once the protocol is approved, the project will be started. Upon the execution of the protocol, the report will be delivered within a mutually agreed upon time frame.



Chroma Research Labs takes the full responsibility of the projects we finish. Any delay in the process will be communicated with the client.

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